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Devonstone Solids: Barbeque

Devonstone Solids: Barbeque

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Devonstone Solids Collection is the perfect staple for your quilting needs. This collection comes in an array of colours that are versatile and complimentary to many crafting projects.

All material is cut from our in-store bolt and is made up of 100% Cotton.

  • 1 unit = 25cm x 112cm
  • 2 units = 50cm x 112cm
  • 3 units = 75cm x 112cm
  • 4 units = 100cm x 112cm
  • 5 units = 125cm x 112cm
  • 6 units = 150cm x 112cm
  • 7 units = 175cm x 112cm
  • 8 units = 200cm x 112cm etc

Material is kept continuous if more than one unit purchased as shown in guide above.

Suitable for blankets, quilting, patchwork, home decorating, cushions, craft and general sewing.

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